how does collect + work ??

Found 13th May 2012
im looking to sell my xbox and they are heavy so i obvs cost a lot to send but collect + is £3.99 i think just wondering how it works and how i would sent it and if they are reliable
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Pay online, print label and drop it off at your local collection point. Sent a laptop and a sky box a few weeks back, no issues. Can take a couple of days though.
Stay clear.
Not worth it trust me.
Read reveiws of how things have been lost by them online.
Just use a standard 48 hour courier instead.
Yu can either pay for delivery to door, or pay a bit cheaper and have it delivered to a shop that does Collect +. In that instance, the recipient is either emailed or sent a text when the item is available for them to pick up. I've used a fair few times and foundit to be fine.
You print out a label at home, stick it to the parcel and take your parcel to your nearest collect+ shop. It is scanned, you get a receipt with tracking number and that's it. The £3.99 will deliver to a collect+ shop near to the recipient.
ok thankyou
wont be £3.99 as you will need extra insurance, though be warned I sold a expensive book on ebay for £50, it arrived all bent up and torn (god knows what they done with it) I claimed and they offered me 1 x free delivery as compensation as they said it did not stop the book from being readable..

I had to refund the seller and sell the book as damaged and got £12, instead of £50

Stay clear.Not worth it trust me.Read reveiws of how things have been … Stay clear.Not worth it trust me.Read reveiws of how things have been lost by them online.Just use a standard 48 hour courier instead.

Used them many times and never had a problem..........think Yodel for example lose a lot more than collect+
collect+ and yodel are exactly the same

bad advice here

collect+ uses the same couriers as yodel(hdnl or dhl) to pick the item up from a local shop, rather than your house.
you can drop parcels off at your convenience, rather than wait in all day (plus its cheaper). You can send the parcel direct to someones house, not just another collect+ shop. It is not AS fast as using the standard 48hr service, but is cheaper (if you know your weight limits)

48hr service that a lot of people use from these parcel resellers, isnt guaranteed 48hr, I should know as this week a parcel2go yodel 48hr delivery took 7 days from collection (and less than 180 miles from my door to buyer)
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When i used collect plus for the first and last time, it took them about two weeks to deliver the parcel as it seemed to be stuck in the depot and they wouldnt deliver it despite many complaints for me asking why its just sitting there.
Collect+ will also keep trying to deliver and the persons house daily if there not in unlike some other couriers who will say thats it after 1 attempt
make sure your parcel doesnt exceed the maximum size either, think its no more than 50x30x30, one thing to note yodel are getting rid of loads of depots, which as ive just experienced causes delays & wild goose chases (depending on where your sending it)
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