How does it work? iPhone 4 + eBay = Unblock




    They are just charging you to get it replaced under warranty thats why they ask for the serial number first.They will do it for any network i think thats where you might think they are unblocked

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    So take it to apple? and get it replaced, but the imei is blocked? how do they beat apple

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    how would they get it repaired for free, if its blocked tho?


    how would they get it repaired for free, if its blocked tho?


    Am i missing something where do they say they replace blocked phones specifically, thats why they need the serial number so they can check they can get it replaced.If it was "any" phone then they wouldn't need it.
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    Networks won't unblock a phone once it's blacklisted (unless the owner calls).

    Sounds very iffy to me?

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    No Service Iphone 4, 3gs, 3g.. the only ways iphone really have no service is due to it being blocked

    I just read the ebay advert, it says nothing about replacing blocked ones.

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    it was another link on ebay, which is the same thing
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