How does one get Amazon Prime Student, when not a student???

Posted 11th Dec 2022
The last time I got it was using Totum sign up. My amazon prime student account is coming up for renewal.

Any tips given will be much appreciated! Thanks guys!
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    Become a student. Follow me for more hot tips
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    You get Prime student for 5 years after your first sign up, when the 5 years runs out you can't have it again unless you set up a new amazon account
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    I thought it was a maximum of 4 years.
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    Is the "Pro" version of Totum easy to obtain? If so, you could risk the cost of Totum Pro and perform the NUSx workaround as mentioned at,
    although if previously had PS it would be best to present the NUSx info to another Amazon account that has not previously has PS.
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    Is the IOS link for apple users still working, as it just returns a 'Well this is embarassing' HUKD page?
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    You don't! It is offered cheaply to students but the cost is off-set to other Prime members!
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    One used to be able to buy prime student off ebay for £3 -£4. Not sure if one still can?
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    I've been looking here and there and I haven't seen any as that's how I did mine originally. I got the email last night to tell me my 'ride' is over in January.

    To be honest, I probably use it enough to renew at full price but I'm going to look around to see if I can get a new account sorted first as i've got a few weeks yet.
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    Easier to share your amazon HOUSEHOLD one person limit you can share prime with £90 so £45 each.

    don't do with peeps on HUDKD im sure you have a family releative already paying for prime
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    Is this a site I'm missing out on?
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    They're pretty good at counting up the number of years you've been a student, I believe there is a 4 years limit as I had a course from the university of whoknowswhere then started a masters. Two years later they told me no more and added both courses together.
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    You just open a different account and share id with into my second 4 year one now think it’s 3 years next year and oddly they are offering student prices on two other accounts we have. 
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    Certain universities give you an email address just for applying for a course.

    Do some research with relevant keywords and you'll probably find it
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    Please inbox which offer the free email
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    I did get access to the course I signed up to from Reed which gave me access to get a Totum Pro card but I asked on live chat what the current requirements were for signing up to Prime Student and this is what I was told ..

    For signing up for student prime, please sent an email to the following mail Id with the following informations.

    • A valid NUS Extra or NUS Apprentice Extra card (must show your name, institution, and date of expiry). Please note that TOTUM NUS Extra or TOTUM Apprentice are acceptable forms of identification, however, Uniday’s ID and TOTUM PRO are not.

    • A proof of student status letter (must be printed on official institution headed paper and include student name and address, course details and start date, expected graduation/completion date)

    • A tuition bill for the current term (must include institution name, course details and start date, student address)

    • Your student invoice for the current term with your name and your institution’s name on it

    • An official acceptance letter for the upcoming term (must be printed on official institution headed paper and include student name and address, course details and enrolment date, expected graduation/completion date)

    So unless the eBay route appears again, I think this 'hack' has well and truly been fixed.

    I was looking at the Totum Pro card and what you could get and decided it's really not worth it. It's cost me about £12 quid for a course I might not even do, but I'd rather punt that than paying for a useless Totum Pro card. (edited)
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    Photoshop is free
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