How does QuidCo work

Found 16th Apr 2008
Hi guys

This might be a real stupid question. Ive heard alot of deals have quicdo. But how does it all work. where do I go. I dont know anything about it.

Any help would be much appreciated

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I can't explain it better than they can... see quidco.com/hel…22/

If you have any questions after that let me know...

I've saved £800 in about a year and a half on stuff I would normally be buying anyway.
You basically refer yourself to websites and get paid the commission. Before you order anything online check quidco - if the company is there then you click on the link and order 'through' quidco- earning cashback simple!
You log on to quidco and then search for a particular site (e.g. play.com)

You then click 'Click here to visit this merchant and earn cashback' which will open a new window/tab with the website (In this case play.com)

You make your purchase as you usually would on the website (play.com)

After a while (can take minutes, can take days) you will see on quidco that you have a transaction tracked for the amount you spent, and the amount of quidco you will earn.

The merchant checks this and then says whether they will pay. It will then change to validated or declined.

After that it changes to received (quidco has been paid for it), and then paid (you have been paid for it)

If you have any questions there is a thread where you can ask - hotukdeals.com/ite…ot/
Hello every one

thank you so much for all your help. This has made things so much more clearer

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