how does quidco work?

Posted 4th Aug 2016
I know a lot of people use quidco but I have no clue how it works an what you use it for, obviously I know you get cash back. Just wanted to know how and how to use the app.
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This is pretty old but it's still pretty much spot on.

There is also Topcashback which is the same so compare the 2 and see which offers the most cashback for your particular site as they often vary slightly.

Can't say much about the app as I only do it on computer.

It's a no-brainer. Free cash for buying something you would be buying anyway.

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I've had over 1
£100 cashback from quidco and about £30 from top cash back. never had a problem
Thanks guys

Thanks guys

Definitely worth using. You get the bigger cashback amounts from contracts (i.e. mobiles, TV, broadband etc) and also insurances. I don't think it's quite as lucrative as it was in its early days but still worth using. I reckon I've been doing it for about 9 years and 'earned' over £1,800.
Why not check the quidqo website..
Just be careful when using them. For example when I was looking at renewing my car insurance the same company was quoting me more if I went though a cashback website compared to going direct with them. So it might seem like your getting a good deal with getting cashback, some companies add that onto the costs.

Saying that, I've earned over £1000 in 4 years. Mostly via cashback for hotel bookings and Sky.
So if I link my bank card to it, it gives me cash back every time I use it if the store is on there?

So if I link my bank card to it, it gives me cash back every time I use … So if I link my bank card to it, it gives me cash back every time I use it if the store is on there?

Once you've set up your account, you can get going. Basically, search your retailer and click through to the retailer site via quidco (read the T' and C's as certain cashback offers aren't available with other offers). Once you've made a purchase, this should track and quidco will notify you of this (times vary but should be detailed on the Quidco site for each retailer).

Cashback will then go through stages, either tracked - confirmed or tracked - denied (normally one of these).

Once cashback is confirmed (i.e. the retailer confirms that you've made the purchase that has been tracked and not returned items), you will then see the cashback value move to 'available for payment'.

Quidco now allows you to either redeem this for vouchers or as a BACS payment.

It's very straightforward but you will need to request payment in Quidco as opposed to the cash being automatically paid (I believe, unless there is a setting for auto-payment over a certain limit).

Hopefully that saves you the time of reading through the Quidco site details.
you set up an account and then purchase from an online retailer through the quidco website. Then you wait months for cashback and get fed up so try to raise a complaint a few months later when you have forgotten about it the money may arrive. Thats how quidco works!
There's a great explanation showing exactly how quidco works here. LINK: How Does Quidco Work?
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