how does rep work?

    i AM NOT begging for rep so please don't delete this thread -

    All i wanna know is how much rep you need to get a new title eg solar flare... etc
    mine is currently 2700 and am a flame thrower and have a reputation beyond repute yet when i hold my cursor over someone else who is a solar flare they are also beyond repute..

    i just dont get it !!


    1000 posts and you'll be a Solar Flare.

    Titles are based on posts, not rep

    Flint = 0 - 4
    Matchstick = 5 - 100
    Pilot Light = 101 - 499
    Flame Thrower = 500 - 999 posts
    Solar Flare = 1000+

    Original Poster

    Thanks a lot... will soon be a solar flare then... lol

    Get posting to 1000 :thumbsup: not far now

    No longer works as its being replaced.

    This was useful info to have ... thanks everyone...

    Original Poster


    No longer works as its being replaced.

    so i wont become a solar flare in 37 posts????

    well 36 now you posted the above comment :-D


    so i wont become a solar flare in 37 posts????

    Yes you will become a solar flare, he was just saying that rep doesn't 'work' any more in the sense that there is no numerical list available. When you are 'full rep' then you have a full set of orange/red balls below your avatar. 'rep' does count, in some way known to Admin, to your voting power (in the algorithm) on deals, but is minor compared to your deal history.

    Rep is effectively pointless but a good way of messaging your thanks etc.
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