How does skype work?

Found 29th Jan 2009
Hi, im a technophobe and im interested in the skype system but do not understand how it works at all. It is interesting that you can call internationally for free and as i talk to bangladesh frequently this would help. Could someone please explain to me what i would need to do to talk to bangladesh with the skype phone. what equipment would i need and what equipment would the family abroad need. They do not have a pc but i do. is this possible?
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i think they would need to have a pc with a microphone and speaker and have skype installed on it, i've used skype to speak with my friend when he travelled to the US :thumbsup:
I think that skype phones are different from skype with computers. You can just buy a pair of skype phones and they sometimes work.
You need a computer at both ends with an internet connection for PC to PC skype, plus , as ^, a speaker and microphone.
I'm not expert at all.
hi i use skype all u need is to intrall skype
and a head set with mic or if there is a pound shop near by go and get the phone which has the green and pink wires then plug in and press ring on skype it is that easy hope this helps
Yep as the poster above says it's as easy as ABC.

I use a webcam with a microphone and the PC speakers here. No need for headsets, phones or the like.

Our lad just uses his laptop which has a webcam installed so need again for anything else.

Download Skype free

Install and configure.

Make the test phone call.

Bob's your Uncle and he can see and talk to you in Outer Mongolia .

is skype free when calling someone???

is skype free when calling someone???

if they have skype as well its free :thumbsup:
well , the beauty about skype is that u dont even need a pc !!! u just get urself one of those ]http//ww…one ,connect it directly to ur broadband Router and sign in with ur skype id into the fone and u ll be on skype 24/7 ... would be perfect if ppl u r calling have got the same phone cause it will feel like u r calling them directly from ur Land line and they can do the same .....
Remember, it does take, what ive found out, about 5MB bandwidth a minute.

Its FREE to people using skype.

To call internationally etc you have to pay which I believe is £3 for one county or £7 for about 60.
I think with the £7 one you can choose a number anywhere in the world (that they have) that you can use so when people call it it calls your skype account.

It works by you calling from the skype servers. So you must have broadband or your connection will be carp.

If you dont have a 'skypeout' telephone number your number will come up on the recievers caller ID as 12345 or Unknown.
As already mentioned,

if you have a headset connected to the pc and the other person does too, you just have to install the skype program and add them as a contact (just like with msn messenger). As long as you are both online you can call them when you wish and it will cost you nothing.

Alternatively there is skype pay monthly which means that you can call their landline phone from your pc with near unlimited minutes providing you pay a monthly amount.

Link to skype download:

Getting started with skype:

Link to monthly subscription and costs:
My Mum was going on a round the world trip and wanted to see us as well as talk to us. The whole family went to, registered for free, exchanged user names (you can search for their e-mail address and their skype user name comes up or just use their name) and started to make face to face calls.
It works great, I've seen Hong Kong, Australia's reef and Sydeny Harbour so far as they always show us the views out of their windows in the hotels!
Also use it for the kids too, we connect to our neighbours and chat to them too... Only down side is you can never have a BAD HAIR day :-D
Good thing you can turn the camera off eh!! lol
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