How does the porting to Asda sim work?

Posted 5th Sep 2022
Waiting for my number to port over to Asda sim so I can the port back to lebara as a new customer. Not ported to many times before so need clarification as to how the porting to Asda works. With Asda once my number is ported am I good to go or will I receive a message from Asda with settings that I need to update. It’s just that I’m currently waiting for my number to port to Asda and there is no number associated with my iMessage. I haven’t activated any settings for the Asda sim.
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    If you using Asda just for porting number back to Lebara, why would you change setting? May not need to anyway.
    Just wait 24 hrs after receiving confirmation message (email or text)...
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    Thanks. Wait 24 Hours? Does that mean after porting to Asda I have to wait 24 hours to port back out to lebara. As I’ve just ported to Asda and can’t seem to recieve PAC from Asda.