how does the reputation work?

    i still not quite have worked out. can someone help me?



    Hi hotdealseeker,

    Reputation is just like the Karma system we used to have here on hukd's. Basically if you really like someones post or someone has been very helpful to you, you may want to say thank you by giving them Reputation

    Rep is given in a post using the button near where the karma button used to be. The more rep you have the more powerful your vote may be on the temperature rating of deals.

    You can check out how many rep points you have by goin to USER CP, here's a table that shows you what the rep points represent.

    Hope this helps explain things

    You click on the button underneath somebody's username if you find their post helpful. You are encouraged to spread it around as much as you like. When you click on the button you can leave positive rep (for helpful deals and things which have helped) or negative (for down-right spam or trouble-making).

    You can also leave a comment. Reputation is anonymous, however the recipient of the reputation will be able to see the comment and which post was made.

    You can view your reputation points and comments people have left for you >>HERE, the page can also be accessed by clciking on "User CP" near the top-left of the forum. The most recent 5 comments are available for view, and hte points are in the top right of the page.

    Cat beat me to it, but we've both posted some different info in each of our posts.


    Thanks ducky, you added information i didn't :thumbsup:

    If you see a grey box in your USER CP, this just means that someone has given you rep that doesn't have rep themselves and so it doesn't affect your rep points.

    Original Poster

    thanks all for that.

    so whats the squares about, sometimes in dark green, and some in light green?


    If you hover over your green light it says hotdealseeker will become famous soon enough. This means you must have between 10 and 49 rep points. I think Once you get up to 50 points you will then get another block.

    Ducky for eg is a splendid one to behold, so he must have between 650 and 999 rep points. Some of his blocks have turned light green, i think this is because he filled up 7 green blocks, so they then change colour, he will then graduallywork his way up to 3 light green boxes .... Hope i'm making sense :confused:
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