How does the spec of the laptop affect video etc on internet?

    In process of getting new laptops in the house.
    We live out in the sticks so whilst we are on broadband the speed is not good. Cant remember the numbers now but for instance when watching iplayer it will occasionally judder, not always but can be a bit annoying.
    I do understand which broadband company you are with can affect this and also things like where your router is....
    My question is how much does the actual laptop also affect it.
    As well as getting myself a laptop i am thinking of getting the kids something a bit cheaper like a samsung n130 or similar. I am wondering how this spec would fair for watching things like i player, you tube that sort of thing. The one i have seen says intel atom N270 Hard Drive 250GB and 1 GB RAM. What should i look for spec wise to get the very best internet we can. Other than that we only do normal word processing and i would want to put photos on mine and use something like Paint shop Pro.



    netbook works fine in iplayer on its lowest default resolution

    the screen is a bit tight on space for other work like photo editing though, you really need a more normal laptop

    yes an older machine can well struggle with iplayer and utubes, the main reason i got rid of my on p4 machine

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    Thanks i am thinking of something like the n130 for the kids and me to do a bit of browsing but going to get a larger laptop prob with i3 to replace our main old house PC. I would do the photo editing etc on there. All i would need the netbook for photo wise would be to put the card in when we are on holiday and send a few pics via email to friends etc.
    Would the lowest default resolution look ok from a normal persons perspective? or would it be very grainy. As long as it looks like an older tv i would be happy ie no HD etc.


    its not grainy at all, its around regular tv resolution in iplayer, you just load up the page, click the full screen icon and its fine

    netbooks have a decent enough screen, its just smaller, so less pixels, so things get a little cramped, but they are indeed capable enough machines

    I have a netbook, and its great for iplayer, other vids, its as good as a laptop for general use
    I would say look for an extended battery, 6 or 9 cell so you can really enjoy its size and portability

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    Thank you i tried to rep you but i have to spread it around you obviously answer far too many of my questions. thanks tons and tons.
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