How does this work out then... it dont make sense...


    I done a post, its title was intended to be ( to make it fit ):
    Free"St Teresa Eternal Flower & Medal"or"Road Rage Rosary"

    when posted, it chopped off the whole rear end, leaving:
    Free"St Teresa Eternal Flower & Medal"or"

    Which was shorter than everyone elses title... Mmmmm...

    So I then cut out the ' or ' & left a space, I then got:
    Free"St Teresa Eternal Flower & Medal" "R

    So, I then changed the quotes ( " ) for ( ' ) instead

    And guess what....

    I got:
    Free'St Teresa Eternal Flower & Medal' 'Road Rage Rosary

    How does this work out then... it dont make sense...

    - acecatcher3


    I have no idea?! Weird isn't it? My best guess is that the " quotations must be getting mixed up in the actual php code and cutting off the title somehow....dunno??

    Thought the same as Paul :roll:

    Maybe it's like using a quote, the quotation marks make it think the quoted word should be a name of at least two or more letters, as in the BBcode.

    Sort of like this:


    Or something like that[/quote ][quote=name]Or something like that

    The name + quote get their own space.

    Or maybe it treats it like a search in a similar way, but the quotes telling it to include a word, so it thinks it has too many words in not enough space.

    Definitely a way to confuse the BBcode + before you say it! For me to confuse you, as much as I've confused myself :lol:
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