how does this work? somebody tell me please!!!

It is very good, it will always be a set of answers, clever thing about the website, it is moves the correct answers around..
It is always wrist watch (in my case) - see how many times it shows up on the answers grid - 11 times

Seems that when the page reloads, the correct answer changes, but it is still only possible to get one answer from your calculation

Any number in the 30s will come up with an answer of 27

32-5=27 35-8=27 38-11=27

Same with 40s numbers.............always 36

50s numbers will always be 45

60s numbers always 54

...etc, etc
It works because whatever number you choose will always be a multiple of 9, thus the label maker.
There's only 11 possible answers & they've covered them all with the same answer.
didnt work with me
worked every time for me, how clever.5 times.:thinking:

didnt work with me

You can't do basic maths mate... :thinking:
i was fooled for a second but now i see whats happening
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