How easy is it to fit a universal remote central locking upgrade kit

i got a fiesta with central locking I want to upgrade to remote central locking I have seen various makes of kits for £20 on the internet, just wondering if anyone has done it how easy it is, what is involved please?
I have fitted reversing sensors and radio before but not this.


Much better to get the oe stuff from a scrapyard imo

No worries, you'll need the central locking motors and the relay, and follow the loom back as far as it unplugs:thumbsup:

Actually I'm talking rubbish I've just re read the OP:oops: I thought you wanted to retro fit central locking, yes it's pretty easy for rcl, the locking is activated by a positive or negative trigger connected directly to the motors in the doors or to the relay (With some cars you have to tap into all the circuits but with others it's just two wires) I'd say just get an alarm off ebay or somewhere with a wiring diagram and then find out whether the fiesta is positive or negative (with a tester or google) and use the appropriate wire (s).

Not too difficult if you have some idea what you're doing, I'd gladly help you out if you get stuck
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