How easy is it to replace the top screen on a ds lite?

    We were burgled sat night but luckily they were caught and our items were recovered, but damaged by coca cola.

    The ds seems ok except the top screen is dark and flickery.
    How easy is it to fix? Also if anyone has experience in the southampton area would they price it please?

    Thanks in advance for your help. (ps I also have a nice dell studio 1537 which won't power up :-( )


    have look on youtube, there is a load of videos showing how to do it

    You have to completely take the DS apart ...Top and Bottom halves. You need a Tri-wing screwdriver to start with.

    Part of the process to replace the top screen is .. you'll have to de-solder the speakers from the old top screen and re-solder then back to the new top screen. So you'll need a soldering iron.

    Never mind feeding the top screen ribbon cable thru the bottom case ........which is a real pain .....:-D

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    hmm not sounding too easy then.
    would like to get it replaced, but how much would it be worth to sell do you think?

    The screen is dodgy, but is it the screen or the electronics driving it?

    If it's the electronics, which bit? It could even be something in the bottom half.

    If it's an insurance claim it's time to get a new one.

    (then have a crack at fixing the old one when there's nowt to loose.)

    If it's just the top screen that's flickering then replacing it will sort it ! :thumbsup:
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