How easy is it to use AVi's on Ipod Touch

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Found 6th Feb 2008
Thinking bout getting an ipod touch, how easy it to use and stick films i have downloaded on it.


Easy. avi's need conveting to an iPod format before they can be played on an iPod. But this is easy to do.

The easiest way is to drag your avi's into iTunes. Right click and choose "Convert selection for iPod/iPhone" then you have the films in the right size, format and optimised for playback on an iPod.

Plenty of free apps available on the net if you want to tweak settings etc.

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Hows the quality?.

I'll post up some screen shots later. If you already have itunes and the avi's on your computer then you could see for yourself, just watching them on the computer.

The quality is just as good as the original avi file. File sizes are much different due to good quality but that could be seen as a bad thing.

That's where the 3rd party apps come in, people want smaller file sizes as opposed to quality, so they tweak the settings, lowering the bitrate of the movie, lowering the sound quality etc.

iTunes provides excellent encoding of the movie, sacrificing the size. But I'd choose quality over file size any day.

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Cool, if you post sum screen shots that would be great, or even a cheeky lil vid on youtube would be even cooler!

Lol I don't have time for a youtube video, you wouldn't be able to see the true video quality anyway.
When I say later, it'll probably be tonight. I have a project to finish for tomorrow so I can't promise anything for today!


The easiest way is to drag your avi's into iTunes. .

Agreed Mac dude, but bear in mind that AVI is a container format like a Mov. Inside an Avi file can be any number of different video and audio (compression) codecs. If the codec is not on your Mac then Itunes wont convert anything and Quicktime wont play the file. Ditto no iPod video.

Avi is basically a Windows format Apple gave up on about 10 years ago so you get all sorts of weird and wonderful codecs inside the Avi file including some that Apple don't support or have not been written for Mac at all. Generally Divx and Mpeg are OK although Apple do not support older muxed mpeg1 files where the audio and video channels are combined. You still find a lot of these on torrent files. Free utilities can convert muxed mpeg but its slow, a pain and quality isn't always good.

Installing Codecs
Install Toast, VLC and Flip4Mac (wmv support) which will add most commen codecs during the installation process. Failing that, do a search for Apple + codecs on a torrent site and you will get a folder with about 50 of them. Put these in your root/library/Quicktime folder - you'll see other codecs in there already.

Once you have the codecs installed your good to go. Best way is to Rip a physical DVD with the free application Handbrake to get a high quality MPeg4 file. If this is too big for you then use the free application iSquint to compress it down - this has an iPod setting built into the menu so my 5 year old could do it.

Then drag it into iTunes. Top quality file and smallest possible size.


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How about all my mp3's? theyre all downloaded the "mainstream" way, will they go on ok?


How about all my mp3's? theyre all downloaded the "mainstream" way, will … How about all my mp3's? theyre all downloaded the "mainstream" way, will they go on ok?

Should do unless they have some form of right protection on them. There are certain audio codecs that are unique to Windows that Macs do not like and these may be in the audio file. The reason codecs are used... and any mp3 has one, is because an original CD file will be 10MB +

Codecs are a pain - it would be nice if everyone could agree on a format and just stick to it. Apple tried to do that with mpeg4 but of course Microsoft couldn't own it so they went their own route. I think the movie companies were behind Divx because it can include additional scripting like a wipe command to remove the video from your hard drive after a week (video rental for example).

Generally you can get free apps on the Mac to convert the files for you - just browse the Mac forums a little and you'll soon get a routine down. [url][/url] is an excellent place to start.


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