How easy to change head light bulb on vectra?

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Found 18th Jan 2010
Hi just noticed one of my headlights is out and so i picked up a bulb, how hard is it to change the headlight bulb on a r reg vectra?


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easy under the bonnet un clip the door pull out and po new one in i think lol

If it's the passenger side one then you will need small hands and a flexible wrist. We had a P reg vectra and you need to unclip the fuse box atached to the battery and even then there wasn't much room. Hope it's the drivers side that is much easier.

A bit more difficult than renown says above.

I used to have R reg vectra estate soo not sure if it's the same but it was a bit awkward. I can't remember which side - i think the pasenger side - has the battery in the way amongst other things.
Other than that, it is a case of just unclipping the housing & replaceing carefully.

In the end, I just whizzed it to halfords & they did it.

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