How easy to fit a cd player in a BMW

    Ok iv just bought a BMW 02 plate Compact

    ...........would you believe it, it has a tape player...whats that all about lol

    anyway, how easy is it to get a cd player fitted? are they pretty standard from like Halfords to get fitted etc



    If you dont get any luck on here…tml
    might be a good place to ask.

    nice crowd helped us out once.

    Have you looked in the boot? There should be a changer compartment there(on the left I think)? If theres no changer in it the lead should already be there so you should be able to get a standard bmw changer off ebay.

    If you decide to go for aftermarket stuff you will need a facia adapter and a bmw to iso adapter which are much cheaper on ebay than halfords. Easy job to do so let me know if you need more advice.

    Much better sticking with the standard unit imo unless you want a full install with amps etc.

    Enjoy your new car!


    I changed my factory one for a Pioneer uni! took me ages, but got all my parts off ebay at less than half price! and researched the net to how to actually do it! Did it no probs ;-)

    just make sure the car battery is disconnected before you do! Take off the negative wire

    I never use my cd player anymore. Just plug my ipod into fag lighter and hey presto lol.No more clutter of cds laying everywhere and all music i like without having to listen to tracks i dont like :thumbsup:
    Now i think Apple should pay me an advertising fee ?? lol

    Original Poster

    Its ok folks, not buying it now......see other thread lol
    there was a noise coming from the engine while accelerating
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