How fast is your connection ?

    Please also state what package you are on (up to 8Mbps for example)

    Link in following post


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    BT Option 3 (up to 8Mbps)


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    Thank you predikuesi!
    Beats the useless post from acecatcher.

    I will spam this.

    The data will be meaningless to you. If you're on an ADSL connection your actual connection speed will be entirely dependant on your distance from the telephone exchange.

    I'm on a max 8Mbps connection, but my true connection speed is nearer 3Mbps, because I'm nowhere near my exchange. No amount of 'tweaking' of settings is going to change that.

    That's a 20MB connection on Virgin Media :-D

    i've got 10 trillion million kb/s but my host is Ugandan Broadband

    did u expire it aswell? lol

    sorry thrust, was rude of me ur right.
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