How good are's returns CS?

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Found 11th Nov 2008
Just about to return a set of headphones to them as they are faulty. Sound coming out only in one side.

Anyone have any expeirence of their returns policy or customer service?

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useless! I even had to pay to return a faulty item.

i've had good times with their customer service, although i have heard some pretty bad stories.

i guess its pot luck.


Never had a problem ever with their customer service and I have ordered a lot from them since '99

EDIT: 475 about time they sent me some freebies me thinks!!!

they are annoying to get hold of since there is no email address etc, but you can access it by going clicking return item.
They answer emails pretty quickly though.
When i sent something back i posted it and they refunded me the postage and sent a new replacement out.

i had to return ink cartridges and they were very courteous about it! they even accidently sent me extra cartridges! i think they put something like £1.50 towards postage for sending back products. doesn't cover total cost if the item is large but if you complain about this to the customer services I think they'll make some exceptions.



you pay to return it and they give you the money bac...I have never had … you pay to return it and they give you the money bac...I have never had any probs..:thumbsup:

thx - I will chase them for a refund then :thumbsup:


They even refunded me when a Playtrader missed out on 66p postage, so paid £1.66 straight away to cover the RM charges...seriously Play have THE best CS out of any store I have ever used

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Thanks guys!

Thats great news.


Bear in mind they now quote this on their website:-

Our returns policy is valid for 28 days from receipt of an item.


is that the altec lancing ones ? :whistling:for £17.99
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