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How good are the helium canisters you buy for balloons?

Posted 23rd Aug 2010
I am looking to blow up a large 0 and a 3 and lots of normal balloons.
Has anyone used one?Are they any good?
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If you only have 2 balloons to fill you might be best going to a local place who can fill them for you?

Edit: ignore that, I saw you also put lots of other small ones. Sorry.
used them many times for kids parties-they usually even do 6 or 7 more balloons than it states on the canister-they work fine.
dont know but hows the choc and baileys fountains coming on?
Friend of mine swears by them (_;)
I put four of these in the boot of a 1993 Ford Fiesta we opened the valves on one of them then ran over to the other side of the road. Fat Gareth then threw in a "petrol bomb" that he had made out of a milk bottle and some white spirit.

I am not joking when I say it looked like Baghdad down that road. The Fiesta was buried balls deep in about 3 different house, Fat Gareth's bike was launched into a tree half a mile away and Ginger Karen's hair got completely fried off. Mental.

So in summary, you could certainly blow up some balloons with one of these canisters.
We got one from Asda for about £18, we blew up quite a few balloons and what was left the Adults had fun talking like a 'munchkin' with the remainder , lol ,

lol, you still planning this party ? sounds like its gonna be a good one !
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here's a lol tip for the lol ladies!

Why not lol spice up the lol party lol lol lol by firing helium lol up your egg bag? lol lol



^ lol
Yes party planning. Got all the jars and sweets for it. Sweets alone came to £120 uh hum lol.....hope people don't think it is stupid and childish lol. Invitations have gone out. I bought the Baileys too lol but still looking for the fountain!How the blinkin ell I am going to get it down there I dont know.Oh yeah I also had my choc cups £80 altogether for them lol.......and I found it all cause of the people on hotukdeals so thankssssssssssssss xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friend of mine swears by them (_;)

Friend of mine speaks highly by them :p:
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