How good are you at blagging

    Who is the best blagger then...

    Whats the biggest blag you've managed to pull off, or notable blags which you are quite proud of.


    im rubbish

    Blagged a fair few women into sleeping with me in my younger days (rohypnol never fails)

    *joking about rohypnol

    Once blagged alot of people in to buying into my money making scheme, we used to take peoples investment and pay older customers dividends with new customers money... the company really took off and i decided to expand and i got a lot more interest world wide... i even managed to blag the banks and the really rich and famous. Unfortunatley, during the recssion everyone pulled their money out of my scheme and i was uncovered and sentenced to 150 years in prison for a £50Bn+ scam.

    Not all bad though, i get fed and clothed for free and i get to come on HUKD to search the deals.

    Take care all

    Bernard Madoff
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