How good is Batman:Arkham Asylum

    My brother dropped it off to me yesterday evening and have just started playing it so not very far in but how good is this game, Fantastic.


    Havent got it. How good is it?
    I fancy it like.

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    It's Jokerific, I'll give it 10/10 Kapows, Just beat Bane.

    Pretty good, although a little repetitve.

    its a pretty good game doesn't really have much replay value though, once you've finished it, that's it really unless you can be bothered with Batman Vs Thugs ring matches.


    i would say 9/10 as it was a little short.

    Well worth playing though...

    good game, but i probs should have just rented. Finished the story quite quickly, but loved every minute of it.

    m well worth playing,good game
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