How good is Bioshock on the 360?

    I really want to get this game but do not have spare cash yet. I have played the demo on XBOX Live and love it but want to know if the game is as good as it seems?

    I like games like Resident Evil, Gears of War and Lost Planet. Is this game for me?

    I just basically wanted to read reviews from people on here as I know you guys will be honest!



    It is excellent mate. It's not overly long but it draws you in and keeps you playing.

    I'd rate it along with G.O.W and Vegas as the best game currently on 360. :thumbsup:

    I love it , a bit short, good A.I. fast baddies, upgradable character good story, good 1940' setting & music, I've finished it now playing again on hard, you could go to blockbuster and rent it might give you more of a feel for it.:thumbsup:

    Good game - gr8 horror game - started playing it and killed the crazy doc but havent played it since

    Heres a different view for you..

    It's terrible. Really it is.

    The atmosphere (visuals and audio) are breath taking at times, until you get to the latter stages when it seems that it might have been rushed out to meet a deadline (bad textures & lighting compared to the beginning of the game and the lack of outside views too)

    The gameplay, well think of Farcry on the 360 and you are pretty much there. Its a lame FPS at best. Very little AI from the enimies. And the ending is one of the worst I have seen. In fact Farcry might be a better game altogether and that is saying something.

    A game hyped up to epic proportions, when in fact is very just very average at best.

    Personally I think you will feel let down, I know a lot of people have.

    Average game.

    Overy Hyped.People say its the best game they have ever played but its just a normal horror shooter with a few tweaks.

    People raved about GOW,i didnt find it amazing.

    Well I disagree from the people who have been saying it is "over hyped" or not as good as "farcry".

    In my opinion the game is sensational, the graphics, the AI, the story and the narration you hear throughout the game whilst you are walking around.

    The graphics are incredible, the lighting effects are spot on, and the detail on a bandage to a whisky bottle is brilliant. I haven't finished the game yet but so far the graphics have not deteriorated in my eyes and I am on the fourth level, so who knows? Also to finish off how amazing the graphics are, all you have to do is sit back and admire the pure brilliance and sheer effort that has gone in to making the water look realistic as possible, because put simply, the water FEELS real! Lol.

    The AI, in my opinion, is the best i have played, they are very clever and react to your actions, so for example, if you light them on fire they will instantly run around and jump into the nearest pool of water they can, clever huh? Also the AI is not linear, meaning they are not in specific levels or areas in the game, they move around freely, for example, you may go back to a level you completed and find a whole new bunch of "splicers". Also they can be very hard to beat on the "hard" difficulty because they can take more damage from you and move faster, but the hardest AI on the game has to be a big daddy (for me anyways lol), they are

    The story of the game is the best I’ve ever seen in any game! So much better than gears of wars, you have to play the game to understand the story and just for the story this game should be played lol.

    Well that is my review on the game but i have only scrapped the surface because there is upgrades, plasmids, weapons, hacks, etc.

    Well hope I helped. A must buy! 9.5/10 :thumbsup:

    The graphics are good and the Ai is good,but the gameplay seems abit bland.
    so far in the game i havnt seen much change in the enviorment yet,and i dont think i will (due to the game being in a underwater city).Just seems to be running round shooting strange people


    The atmosphere (visuals and audio) are breath taking at times, until you … The atmosphere (visuals and audio) are breath taking at times, until you get to the latter stages when it seems that it might have been rushed out to meet a deadline (bad textures & lighting compared to the beginning of the game and the lack of outside views too)

    Glad i'm not the only one to have noticed that!

    Apparently the game can be completed in about 2 days solid or a weeks play!

    If you have ever seen the trailer where they play the game and tell you about it looks awesome, but when you play it its an average game, a few nice tricks but its still a shoot and move on game! Everyone is saying its easy but i seem to be stuck killing that first big daddy. Have not played it since last week so.. might go see if i can kick its ass now!

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the reviews.

    I still want this game going by the reviews it seems to be my sort of thing.

    If anyone is willing to sell their copy let me know.

    Its over-rated yer but i thought if it was set in an underwater world youd actually be able to swim more than from a plane crash

    This looks like a game that would be ideal for renting, If it only takes 2 days to complete, Then it should cost all of £5 or so, A fraction of the cost compared to buying the game!

    It's good... but what may strike people as somewhat frightening is that (for all its faults) I actually had more fun playing The Darkness than Bioshock.

    The very first night I played The Darkness I spent four hours of my evening having great fun. Since I got Bioshock I've only booted it up twice and spent a couple of hours playing. I have no real sense of desperation to go back to it.

    I notice that Bioshock is now the sixth highest rated game of all time on (It was 4th the other day). It is definitely not as good as Half-Life 2 and certainly not deserving of such unanimous praise.…s=y

    just wait 2 months and i bet you can pick it up for 9.99

    £9.99 in two months!?

    I think someone has gone a little overboard! lol:whistling:


    4 months and they'll give you 30 quid when you 'buy' it!

    im gonna pass on bioshock. but then its not really my kind of game i guess, waiting for halo 3 and skate to get together

    Original Poster

    I think I will wait for it to come down to 24.99 ish before I go for it.

    I havent played it but ive heard its pretty decent. Although for me the fact that it doesnt have a multiplayer on Live means i wouldnt really get it unless it was really cheap.

    (Guy at HMV told me it doesnt have multiplayer so if im wrong blame him! lol)

    I personally think it's one hell of a game...

    Btw....anyone seen the advert...?

    I've watched this game from early development stages, until the eventual release. I'm a big System Shock 2 fan so when I heard that Irrational were making Bioshock I was set that it was going to be a great game.

    It was nice to see the changes and evolution of what came to be Bioshock.

    I really like single player games, and this has to be one of the best I've played. Oh and to the guy talking about FarCry. The original FarCry was also an amazing game. It was nice to see games like that coming from a lesser known developer. Now it's even greater as it's free on Ubisofts site ^_^

    Bioshock is just a great FPS. If you're into your FPSs then it's an essential.

    If you're into your FPSs then it's an essential.

    Sorry to disagree, COD2 and R6Vegas are essential FPS games, Bioshock doesnt even get close to those two. Hell, Even Black on the PS2 / Xbox is better than Bio-twaddle. For its story, yes, for its atmosphere, yes, for its ability as an FPS, now way. It's an average FPS at best but poissibly one of the most emmersive games of all time with its combination of story and visuals.

    A little saying I know fits in well with this game..."Looks nice from far, but its far from nice" , And prettiness alone doesnt make a game as we all know.

    As one very well known Hippity Hop ensemble once said "Don't Believe The Hype, Don't, Don't, Don't Believe The Hype"

    Of course, all a matter of opinion.


    Of course, all a matter of opinion.

    Exactly. :thumbsup: Would be dull if we all liked and disliked the same games.

    i find it boring too

    only a vague handfull of bad guys and what appears to be no epic battles like in GOW or VEGAS

    atmosphere should enhance a game (resident evil 1) not be the only factor in a game

    Awesome, feel like it repeats a bit after first few levels.

    Original Poster

    Bought it on Thursday. Love it. I am half way through exploring the whole game this is certainly my sort of game.
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