how good is the film black hawk down

    got it on the tele channel 5 and its amzing best film ive seen in ages


    i thgouht it wsa grtea


    Excellent movie!


    you beat me to it!!


    very very good

    Not good if you are a somali

    Saw the documentary when it happened and thought this would make a great film,The film is very true to life of what happened .

    Horrible if you have read the book.
    Even worse if you have read into the history.

    As a generic war action film... yea its good.
    but it really glamourises what was a massive US military **** up.

    I suppose seeing the Americans gettin there assed klcked always makes good tv.

    great film turn up the suroound sound and immerse yourself into a gripping story from start to end...the surround sound is a must to get the best from this film.

    it is a superb piece of cinema and the oscar winning surround sound stage is immense

    i loved it...

    agree about the surround sound lol. :thumbsup: Its even better on bluray too

    really good film

    I have it on blu ray and haven't watched it yet, will need to take the time and do so !

    I loved the metaphorical alogories in the sub plot comparing the war to the last days of the roman empire.......

    or was that just me

    +1..! Great film..!


    one of the best blu-ray transfers going imho.

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