How Good Is The Sony Viao

    The oh laptop jst hit the bed and she really needs one for Uni,

    she has her heart set on the pink viao but im not really sure about them lol

    Anyone have any info on if its a good laptop or any Pros or Cons



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    or any info on any other decent laptops around the £500/600 mark!

    As with Sony products they can be over priced but they say you only pay for the best etc...personally I couldn't afford Vaio prices but would rather spend money on something that is cheaper..I think ASUS and possibly other laptop makers do pink now also

    Vaio link below


    went to buy one of these from Staples but the salesman advised me to buy a HP Pavillion instead as a better spec and £200 cheaper. You can get a much better laptop-dont pay for the name

    awesome laptops, but hey each to their own i guess.

    The viao brand contains dozens of laptops of all different sizes so you don't want to generalise too much. I'd just look for reviews for the specific model or range you're after.

    I've had a few laptops and have 4 at the minute , three I got second hand . The first one I bought years ago was a Sony Vaio PG101 .Used it once a month for 5 years to do my accounts and it just stopped working .It started to click and some said it needed a new motherboard . I would never buy another Sony again . The pg101 was nearly £900 at the time .I sold it on ebay for £61 .
    I have a IBM , 2 Packard Bells , but the best of the lot is my Advent [8109].A great laptop with 1g of RAM and a 60g HDD. The built in wi-fi has a great range and is a very good reliable machine .I know it's always a bit of a gamble when buying things , pity you cannot try before you buy .I recently nearly bought a Acer ,but have read some negative reports about them ,so didn't bother .
    Do a bit research before your purchase and good luck

    My wife was given a sony Vaio by her work and I think it is vastly over rated, they paid £1200 for it when I could have got an equivalent Dell for half the price. Yes it looks nice and shiny when new, however after a few months the coating on the case has started to flake off. I don't rate it.

    As mentioned above, the Vaios cover a large range and there's a lot variance in how good individual Vaios are - some are exceptional with little else like them on the market, these specialist machines are where Sony shine. The TX/TZ and UX are examples of these machines, I have a TX and UX as there was little else in the market anything like them never mind as good.

    As 'standard' machines I wouldn't touch a Vaio especially their lower range laptops which mainly sell on the name and nothing else, there are other machines in the same range that are better built, better spec and cheaper.

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