How hard is window tinting?

    Hi above question really, its a 51 polo if it makes any difference.




    the police can be *** holes for this. my friend had it done and they pulled us. got some little light detector out and put it to the tinted window. said not enough light was getting through and made my mate peel the tint off!!

    Hard if you want it to look good

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    hi yeah i think it has to let at least 70% light through to be legal, I doubt I would have anything darker really will only create hassle later down the line.

    Hard if you want it to look good

    Well I would want it to look good, obviously its hard to explain how difficult something is online but lets say i was to remove the actual window its self I'm guessing that would make it a whole lot easier?

    Very very very hard to get it right! Get it done by a pro. Don't worry about the police. As long as you don't like a d*ck you will be OK. I've got Limo Black tints on all windows apart from the windscreen and the motor looks superb!

    I paid £250 for the whole lot, and I drive a Toyota Estima Emina (with lots of windows!)

    back can be 100% like limo tint but it will be hard reversing at night !!!, front is 70%

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    If I was to have a go and try doing it myself and i did mess it up how hard would it be to remove the tint? I can get a 1M x 1M roll of tint for about £6 so thinking I might as well try it, if i mess it up then just pay and get it done.

    Even if you get is legal they pull you over to test it every 5 minutes - especially if you are young or your car is tricked out.
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