How ironic

    We got one of those air fresheners that automatically spray, in a pack with a free refill, in with the rest of our shopping a few weeks ago - we didn't order it and weren't charged, but it was included.

    Those sorts of things make my asthma worse, so it was left unopened and put into the cupboard so that it didn't effect my health, but its just fallen on my head and given me a headache!

    Looks like it was determined to get me one way or another!


    :giggle: heh sorry to hear it but made me chuckle

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    Lol, made my dad laugh as well, he swears he was laughing at the irony of it....

    ...yeah ..erm me too:whistling:


    nasty air freshener :x

    :lol: ..... good job it didn't hit anywhere important

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    :lol: ..... good job it didn't hit anywhere important


    Haha :giggle:
    The pixie of unwanted free stuff strikes again:w00t:

    Sort of thing that happens to me!


    sorry kelly but pmsl

    I have one of those in my loo and they are quite powerful in smell, when they go off you can smell it in every room upstairs, going to get myself another for downstairs soon, well when i catch them on offer again

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    Even the smell of soap can make my breathing really bad, so we have to be really careful with what we can use

    Shouldn't laugh kelly but it does have a certain irony to it. :p:oops:

    Hope your heads better now. :thumbsup:

    Awww...bless, I must confess to having a little chuckle though xxxx


    Lol sorry Kelly but it did make me giggle too
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