How Ironic Is This!

    Today it's been a year since our beloved rabbit had died.

    For Christmas I got a photo in a frame of the rabbit and I put it on my wall in my bedroom on the same wall that the door is on.

    I had my window open and as a gust of wind came in and slammed my door shut the picture fell down and smashed all over my bed!

    Ironic or the ghost of the rabbit coming back to haunt me?

    HHHmmmmm discuss


    the return of Weir Rabbit


    Rabbit deffo! Still with you and reminding you of the day! :thumbsup:


    Was it not the gust of wind

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    Foosball Chum;2598362

    Was it not the gust of wind

    I guessed it was but it might not of been. I just heard a smash

    scary...i believe in paranormal so...must be the rabbit!.

    i like the pic kippy!

    Wow, that would be enough to spook me out too! :w00t:
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