How is best to sell these items?


In my younger days, I managed to acquire (legally) lots of Strategy Guides for games. As the time has gone on, I've not sold alot of them and I have them hanging around the house.

I have lots. Perhaps 10-15 of a particular guide, 1 of another. Most are in brand new condition, others in a used condition.

I've listed on eBay, Amazon, Play, GreenMetropolis and on here. But now I'm thinking towards someone just taking the whole lot off my hands for a set price.

How am I best to sell these? I wouldn't want alot for them nowadays, as some of the games they are for are quite old now. But, I'd want something for them as I know they are still sellable and could still make someone quite a bit of money on them.


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No ideas?

Carboot sales?

do console/pc magazines have a fs/ft sections in them anymore?! cant think of any other ways other then the whole lot on ebay and cross your fingers

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Tried that. Got rid of some of the stuff, but not lots. Had lots of other bits and bobs that made it worthwhile though, whereas I'm not sure I have enough to make it worthwhile based on the sales.

Just looking through some stuff now, can see it heading for the bin...

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do console/pc magazines have a fs/ft sections in them anymore?!

Hmmm! That's a good idea

I am interested. What do you have?

Difficult one, since they are probably a few years old there now would be free online guides to use so they probably aren't worth much at all.
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