How is M&S Mattress

Posted 1st Jul
Hello everyone,

Anyone has experience on the M&S mattress? They are on sale and 30% off. Interested the Natural 1000 pocket sprung mattress. Much appreciated if you could share your experience.
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My dad has one and loves it
You sound like a baddie from Mortal Kombat
OP, I can't directly answer your question but can tell you that, I believe, M&S mattresses are made by Relyon.

Also, it may be worth posting your question on the MSE forums.
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If they are made by Relyon, I have a one of these mattresses.

Very firm and heavy. I love it.

They are quite deep so you may need new fitted sheets, or go for flat sheets and hospital corners.
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Their sofas and furniture are not very good at all in my experience, but I haven’t tried the beds.
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