how long after an interview is acceptable to ring the recruiters?



    completely dependent on situation; if they said we'll be in touch within 2 weeks...I usually give it 3 etc; if you havent heard anything within a couple of weeks after the time they said...then give them a call

    I worked in recruitment and believe me, hassle them as much as you can it works !

    Youre just one of hundreds to them, dont let them forget you oh and dont be too fussy !

    48 hours

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    im just being premature then :w00t: i had the interview friday but was told to expect a reply by end of this week, but im dying to get this job .....gonan wait on them :-D


    good luck! hope it goes your way! :thumbsup:


    Hope you get the job :thumbsup:

    I wish you luck

    Original Poster


    good luck! hope it goes your way! :thumbsup:


    Hope you get the job :thumbsup:

    thanks..... :-D
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