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How long are small item deliveries from China on eBay these days?

Posted 11th Dec 2019
I remember the era of month long shipping/items getting lost. How long is it these days?
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I order from aliexpress a lot so imagine similar times as from China. Some of mine only took just under 2 weeks which really impressed me for the basic shipping. However estimates are usually 20-50 days
Just got a cable delivered in 17 days.
I use Joom for Chinese stuff and the last 2 orders been here within 7 days..
Most of my stuff seems to arrive in about 2 weeks these days
I’ve had stuff surprisingly delivered in about 10 days and I’ve had stuff take over a month to arrive!
No difference. About a month tbh.
I had several items with 50 day+ shipping not show up from ebay sellers this year. One I made the mistake of allowing the seller to re-ship, that didn't show up either (I suspect despite claiming to have sent my order twice, that seller never actually had any of the item I ordered in stock as they have since revised the listing).
How long are things from China?
I bought a 12" ruler. - it was 11" long....
Depends on what postage you pay express can be in a week normal can take up to a month
Generally between a week and a month - some Chinese sellers now have the stuff shipped from warehouses within Europe, so can be as little as a couple of days.
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