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How long can a mechanic keep your car for???

Posted 12th Jan 2010
Wanted to know my rights on this...

Car is in garage bills at nearly 1k and still not fixed (this is mostly labour costs £40 per hour + vat. Only £180 was for a part which didnt fix the problem when they said it probably would fix it). Its been almost 2 months also which i am paying £110 a month on insurance, if i cancel it i will lose even more!.

Maybe a stupid question but is there a limit to the amount of time a garage can keep your car for without it being fixed? Only i am thinking to getting it back but i will be £800 out of pocket and still at square 1.

Also is there a reasonable limit to which they can charge?

Not hoping i will get a answer i want to hear but when your in these kind of situations it corners you and your abit helpless!!
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