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How long did you wait for your DELL order to arrive?

Posted 18th Jun 2007
I just ordered dell notebook last wednesday, using their website. They told me, that delivery time is up to 10 business days. After I've placed the order I went straight to order status section and it says that estimated delivery time is the 3rd of July:? It's over 3 weeks time! Now, the status is PRE-PRODUCTION since last thursday and it doesn't move on. How long did you wait for you order to arrive?
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*calls MikeT to the forum!!!*

*calls MikeT to the forum!!!*

I'm sure he gonna appear in this thread with a helpful post:p
i ordered a laptop on thursday and it's being delivered today... cant wait
You lucky :x It's still pre-production on my one:whistling: What status does it show on your order?
At a guess, I'd say it's status is "Dispatched!" :thumbsup:

You'll probably see a change in the next couple of days. As soon as it's built, then they usually send it out in the next day or two (sometimes even the same day!). I've never waited more than a week for a dell to turn up. (ordered 4)
Dells usually go from preproduction to dispatch within a very small timescale - you should get it by the delivery date you were informed of. Walsh Western (their logistics co) will contact you for a suitable day if they haven't already.
When i ordered my last one i chose the premium delivery and it arrived within 72 hours.
ordered day 1, delivered day 4
mine was delivered within 4 days.
Maybe they'll skip few steps in the status scale and update it when they dispatch the notebook:whistling:
I say cancel the order and reorder next week when the new models are released.

Unless the laptop you ordered was a really really good deal.

By the way, what did you order?
I ordered Inspiron 9400 with really good configuration and it was quite cheap so I don't think I would like to cancel it, as I am sure the new models will cost more than that:)
Give dell customer services a call and ask whats happening, hurry them if you can as they may be getting to the last of the parts for the 9400 and if your order gets delayed too long it may just not happen if they run out of bits.
On the other hand if they mess up you may get a new model for the same deal ;-)
If i were you say u want to cancel the order as its taken too long and you'll get a free accessory.
Slightly off topic but how long did everyone's Dell order take to track in Quidco? I ordered a month ago spending almost £450 and have the PC but it still hasn't shown as tracked...

I cleared my cookies as usual and have never had a problem before. Is it time to submit an enquiry?

Other orders have tracked since so it's not a problem with my account.
I dont remember what the time scale is to submit an enquiry, go take a look on quidco and do so once the time limit is up ;-)
I just gave them a call, and they said it's in production now... He'll also try to make it faster so I hope it's gonna come this week:roll:
Good, well done:thumbsup:
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