How long do CEX take to check Phones?

Posted 28th Mar 2011
I have an Iphone 3G I want to sell.

I have a CEX card and have sold stuff there before, but never a phone.

Just wondering how long it takes and what they do to supposedly 'test' the phone?

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Depends how busy they are , prob 2 hour wait and then they will try and downgrade your phone as much as possible (pricewise)
They will restore the phone to factory settings, so ensure you back up anything and everything off it first - contacts etc.
I sent a couple off that were working and I thought good condition, I got an email back TEN days later to tell me they were cracked and worth £7 each. I told them to return them which they did minus a charger and I can still find no my charger but they will not get anymore business from me
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took 3 weeks for my phone.. and they were picky...
hate the shop.
They will tell you as it has air around it or gravity acting on it or that because it exists in this reality you won't get the top A grade cash price.

I'd avoid.

I'd take this advice. the one and only time I used cex for selling a mobile to they downgraded it from a condition to b for some non existent scratches. I didn't have the will to fight them for it as they were still offering more than I'd have got on ebay/ phone recyclers anyway. as others have said they will try and downgrade so be wary.
Sold a couple of cheap vodaphone's,on each occasion about 20 mins I
think just to confirm they were unlocked.
I took in a walkman and in the space of 20 minutes they lost the inner protective cardboard and the instructions. Oh, and they wouldn't take it in as no cash.
usually an hour tops depending on how busy they are.
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