How long do CEX take to process a bank transfer?

Found 24th Oct 2016
Sold an item Friday lunchtime , was told to expect the money in the bank within 24hrs. Guessed it wouldn't go in over the weekend but assumed it would hit my account today, but nothing. Anyone know how long they normally take?
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For me, they've always normally been the afternoon of the day I got the email. I've tended to get the emails overnight/early in the morning, so it's been 12-16 hours or so.
Sold an item last friday, didnt go in till about 11am tuesday morning.
upto 5 working days.
Ok cheers all, much appreciated.
Sold an item a few months. It took 5 days to go into my bank.
Last time I sold something big on a Friday it was in the bank early on Tuesday.
OK I'm concerned, done this on Saturday, it's now Tuesday. Haven't even got an email let alone anything else
Hi I think it will be 5 days because I traded in some items on Saturday morning and was told transfer would take 2-3 days it's now Wednesday 16th and still no money! had to email them to chase this up and they have responded staying payment will be paid soon
Well how do you contact them please
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