How long do Groupon take to deliver goods

Posted 28th Apr 2016
How long do Groupon take to deliver, they have said my item is "nearly" with Yodel so I can't query where it is. It should be 7 working days but it is nearly 14 now ?
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Depends on despatch date. My order was delivered after 9 days from order date by MyHermes.
Ten days for me.
7-14 days usually
thats not too bad then - first experience of Groupon and for some reason expectations were low
Groupon don't deliver anything (if I'm right on this one), surely you've bought something from a vendor via a Groupon discount. it's down to the vendor to deliver, so not all experiences will be the same with regards delivery. plus they are normally overwhelmed / innundated with Groupon mass purchases that it tends to be slower than normal too.
I will never buy anything from Groupon again. I bought plants, took ages to get to me, all dead. Groupon were not interested, told me to contact seller. Couldn't as I had to log in, I did not have an account because I bought through Groupon. No other contact info. Nothing but a waste of my time. Ended up putting it down to a bad experience.
I am not impressed so far
i have ordered a Iphone 5c and its been 7 days when is it coming???

i have ordered a Iphone 5c and its been 7 days when is it coming???

Hang on please while I get my crystal ball out X)
I ordered a fit bit on Groupon and am a bit unsure if the website is safe.The product I ordered was a Fitbit charge 2 and it came with 1 extra strap and cost £79.99. I was also wondering when it would arrive? feel free to answer my question
I bought an 1000w electric scooter and it's been a long time, I think about a week. Someone needs to tell Groupon to pull their socks up.
I ordered for first time on 25th November & still waiting for goods, it’s been in transit since 27th on the tracker system... don’t think I’ll be ordering again
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