how long do o2 refresh take to provide unlock code ?

    need a unlock code for my p9 how long do o2 take ? need it urgently as i have no phone


    Can take 1-2 weeks for non iPhones they said when I was unlocking my iphone 5s

    The 4 I have done took less than 12 hours. However ensure that you have used the phone with the refresh sim that you are using the account to unlock as they will stop it otherwise

    2 hours with me via online.

    Just done this on a 5s. as said above you need to use the o2 sim first so the phone registers on the o2 network. Failed twice online request to unlock for some reason to do with security, rang 202, customer service did the deed, phone unlocked email came 72hrs. later. No problems.

    Normally takes upto 48hours to unlock your phone
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