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How long do PayPal normally take to release funds to bank account?

Posted 29th Oct 2014
I transferred £100 over to my bank at 11.30pm last night to pay for bills today.

I woke up this morning and noticed the money had not arrived in my bank so I logged into PayPal and did another transfer for £200.

This also has not arrived so when I looked into it further it states:


Your withdrawal request is awaiting release for final processing, pending review by PayPal.

I have never had this happen before and have had thousands of pounds worth withdrawals and I also usually withdraw about £500 a day.

Anyone had this happen to them and any idea how long this process usually takes?

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The last time I did a transfer it said up to 2 working days, Contact your your bank if you can and see if they can find any pending payments. I would say contact Paypal but you will probably get the money before you get a response.
mostly up to 2 hours but if you update bank details etc usually 24 hours
Thanks Holly. I always get stated up to 2 hours for withdrawals that is why I am unsure as to why these two withdrawals have been placed on review.

Hundreds of withdrawals have all gone through fine before this has happened. I have a van arriving today with stock and I do not have enough in my bank to pay for it all as everything is stuck in PayPal.
Thanks Swashey, I did add a second account to it yesterday and that one takes 24 hours to withdraw, however I made these two withdrawals to my main account as per usual. I wonder if this is why they have delayed it and are treating it as a 24 hour withdrawal?

That may explain things. Looks like I will have to get my father to wire me some cash until tomorrow.

Normally the payment would reach your account in 2 hours. However, on occasions, security checks are performed on individual accounts, which take take over a week for funds to be released. I would recommend that you get in touch with PayPal to find out what is happening. Also bear in mind that there could be problems with your bank. I would also refrain from transferring anymore money across until you find out what the problem is.
whenever i do it its instant i can withdraw and within a second its in my bank balance although it doesnt show up in statement for a day or so

whenever i do it its instant i can withdraw and within a second its in my … whenever i do it its instant i can withdraw and within a second its in my bank balance although it doesnt show up in statement for a day or so

Me too, it has always been instant. I can stand at a cash machine and transfer money from PP to bank and then go to cash machine and withdraw.

Just today and last night they have been put into some kind of limbo. oO

As stated above, I think it may be down to adding a second bank account.
OK I have just checked my emails and my two large transactions are taking up to 24 hours where as my smaller transactions over the last day have the 2 hour window in the emails.

Not very professional of them when they can just change the time periods as and when they wish to do so. How is one meant to do business when you have no idea how long a transaction is going to take?

Go figure..................
Ha, this is nuts. I have just tried to withdraw to my second bank account that I added over the weekend and it has gone straight through and showed up in seconds in my bank, yet the £100 and £200 to my main account is still pending.

Oh well, all persons paid and crisis over.
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