How long do plasma screens last?

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Found 22nd Aug 2010
Purchased mine used last May but only used it for like 10 hours total till around mid november then afterwards used it as my main tv until mid june when I moved to a flat and now using a old CRT so its only ever used for my 360 or PS3 or hd content for internet.

Just worried that the times I have used it it can be on 8-12 hours a day would be a lot

Its a business model too, have seen it in many bars like Wetherspoons (a Panasonic one)

I assume they last a few years general use? I am hoping 3 years minimum and ideally about 5 years.



if its on 8-12 hours a day a minimum of 5 years easy


if its on 8-12 hours a day a minimum of 5 years easy

Really? Im glad I bought a LCD

I'm pretty sure mine is rated for 100,000 hours, at 12 hours a day that's 23 years!

Obviously that's best case scenario, on optimum settings
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Lifespan of plasma and lcd is pretty much identical these days, like sancho said, most rated at around 100,000 hours, so plenty really.

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Thats good to know, I was worried 8-12 hours was a lot every day for a tv and would bring it down in comparison to a tv only used a few hours a day.

Just as its an amazing unit that I want to keep for a few years at least and by then they would have dropped hugely in price anyway.

I've heard so much rubbish spoken about Plasma's over the years , they suffer from screen burn , they only last 30k hours , they use so much more electricity ...................etc .etc . the list is endless . I've owned a Panasonic TH37 [ pre HD days] for about 7 or so years now .It's on 7 to 8 hours a day and the picture now is as good as it was when I bought out . No screenburn or poor picture quality whatsoever .In comparison I've seen some extremely poor LCD's ,a 40" LG recently in a someones's house was absolute rubbish , blocky picture , washout colours .
Plasma wins the day .
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