how long do tesco clubcard reward tokens take to arrive?

    I ordered some last night - any chance of them arriving by the weekend?



    usually take 2-3months.

    In my experience, 2 or 3 days. I reckon you'll have them by the weekend.

    I ordered some on friday and they were here yesterday

    usually 3-4 days for me

    Good luck!

    Original Poster

    Thank you guys

    I last ordered some ages ago and seemed to remember that they arrived very fast

    3 - 4 days with me

    i ordered some on Sunday and received an e-mail today to say they are in the post therefore you should get them by the weekend. (fingers crossed!)

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    Just got an email half an hour ago that they are on their way :thumbsup:

    about 5 days for me

    i ordered them on Sunday and they came today.

    And in the past its been the same, a couple of days. So im sure yours will be with you by the weekend


    usually take 2-3months.

    Post round way must be really bad !
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