How long do Virgin Media take to contact you about a job application?

I've been unemployed for the past few months. I have a strong technical background and i've applied to Virgin Media. Any ideas how long they take to contact you? The deadline was early last week and I was hoping they'd contact me ASAP but so far, nothing.



I applied a few weeks ago and had to do the application again as they changed it.
I'm still waiting as well,
Hope your not in the north west lol

I'm the same when it comes to waiting for things like that best thing to do is look for other ones and forget about it till they ring

give them a call. shows interest

Yes give them a call unless someone interviewing just happens to be on this site, in that case get a move on!


It's about the same time it takes them to come out and fix a problem. forever.


If you haven't heard back, assume you've been unsuccessful.

I knew someone that worked for them for a while, couldn't stand going round peoples smelly houses tho.

Did apply for Virgin Media direct or contractor if direct took around 3 months for me and I worked on the network before, if contractor I used get reply with 48hrs

If anyone fancies something different try Ericsson they are recruiting nationwide ( repairing mobile phone network) old advert but still recruiting link
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