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How Long Do You Give Someone To Pay On Ebay?

Posted 26th Feb 2012
Morning campers,

Sold an item on ebay thursday evening but have had no payment or comms with the buyer at all.
Have sent the invoice and an email yesterday politely asking for payment but how long before you send an un polite email and relist it?

Never had the problem before as people have paid within 24 hours.

Any suggestions?

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I'd normally give them a week or two depending on the item. I'd write a short email after a a few days and ask them politely for payment or to tell me when I will get paid or if they want to cancel and give them a cut of time where the item would be cancelled if they don't reply.
When a buyer wins an item or uses Buy it now to purchase an item, they're obliged to complete the purchase by sending full payment to the seller.If a buyer doesn't pay within 4 days, sellers can open an unpaid item case in the Resolution Centre. If the buyer still doesn't pay or reach some other agreement with the seller, eBay may record the unpaid item on the buyer's account.When an unpaid item case closes without payment from the buyer, sellers are eligible to receive a final value fee credit to their eBay seller account. Also, if they relist the item and it sells the second time, eBay may refund the insertion fee for the relisting. Learn more about how the free relist policyworks.Excessive unpaid items on a buyer's account may result in range of actions, including limits on or loss of buying privileges.Your text here
I give them 7 days, then have a look through their feedback to see whether it seems out of character for the buyer before deciding whether to put in a NPB or another e-mail to ask if they can make contact.
I phone them after a week. You can request their contact details and they will be sent yours.
I had an item and after a week and a couple of emails still no payment or contact so I opened a case, got my fees back, left them neg feedback in the positive bit, few days after they decide to pay, no message to say why so late or anything, I was tempted to say I hadn't got it anymore but I sent it anyway.
Things can genuinely go wrong though.

Slightly different but shows that not everything is paradise with eBay / PayPal: I have been trying for ten days to get a refund to a buyer. PayPal notified them of the refund, but have yet to return the money to their account.

Contact the buyer to see what is happening. They may be dead!
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give them a week at least. what if someone has died or something else tragic has happened in their family and they havent had a chance to sort such things??
I'd send a polite reminder now, they may have forgotten they had bid (does happen) and not logged on in a couple of days.

Happened to me recently, peeps bid at the last minute and won but didn't pay or answer my polite mails despite having bought and sold elsewhere in the meantime. Opened a case which they ignored so I wrote to them saying that I had phoned ebay who confirmed they would suspend their account and they paid up straight away, saying somebody had died blah blah blah. Can't believe they fell for it tho X)
Ebay gives you 4 days before you can open an unpaid item case. Before you relist it you need to either get a cancelation from the buyer (so you get your fees back and they wont be able to buy the item) or open a case. If you don't do either and just re-list there is a danger they will pay for it at a later date and you may end up with two buyers.

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