How long does a credit note last?

Found 20th Jun 2013
Hi we have just moved house and found an old credit note we thought we had lost, it is for a jewelry shop in our town and it is for £140 it is dated 15th March 2008 but on it is no expiry date, could we still use it?
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Usually 2 years.
Try speaking to the store. If there are no terms and conditions or expiry date on the note then you have a good chance of getting them to honour it. If they didn't warn you of any restrictions when they gave it to you then they should honour it no matter how long you have had it. My advice would be be very nice to them and see if they are nice back.
Thanks very much for your advice i will try that, we dont remember them saying anything about dates etc, will let you know how we get on!!!
Went in was very nice explained everything and they said they would honour it, very pleased, Thanks
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