how long does it take for an MOT to appear in the database?

Posted 13th Jun 2017
Anyone got any experience on how long it takes for an MOT to appear on the online database?

are the new rubbish looking ones printed on standard printer paper?

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[Guide] How long does the mot database take to update?

The MOT is an annual rite of passage (and cause of anxiety) for most car owners, with a failure off-roading their vehicles until the necessary repairs have been carried out. After they’ve gotten a successful result, drivers want to have their online certificate posted as quickly as possible, in case they’re asked to show their MOT by a police officer while out driving. So, how long does it take for the MOT to update in 2019? Let’s take a look.

What is the MOT database?

The MOT database is an online database of MOT results from all registered UK vehicles. Some information is publicly available for all road users (including whether a car’s MOT is valid), while other information can only be accessed by the MOT holder themselves (including the test certificate and test location).

How long does it take for an mot to show online?

The MOT doesn’t publish any set guidelines for how long it should take for your results to be published online. However, user reports from the internet this happens pretty quickly after the test was performed, typically within 1 day.

My MOT status is not updating – Should I contact the DVLA?

If your car’s MOT status still hasn’t updated, then you can contact the DVLA to try and speed up the process. You can email them at, phone them at 0300 123 900 (Mo-Fr 7:30-6pm) or write to them at DVSA, The Ellipse, Padley Road, Swansea, SA1 8AN.


yes just printed on normal white a4 paper updates can take a few days but not sure why
My experience has always seen them update online instantly.
mot'd my car last Thursday was on system within the hr
i recently had mine done and found out from database before garage rang me to tell me,they were quite surprised id already priced up parts to get it passed at a good 300 less than their quote
cheers guys its come up already.
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