How long does it take o2 to activate a SIM?

Found 13th May 2009
I just activated one of those 12 month 3g sims, that i got from ebay for my iphone..I followed all the steps and now it says it is activated. how ever when i try and ring it, i get the following message "It has not been possible to connect your call, please try again later".
Do i have to top up a certain ammount for my number to start working?
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You must top it up by £10
Ok thanks
+ rep

edit: does it activate it instantly?
It isn't activated until you give o2 some money. lol

Ok thanks+ repedit: does it activate it instantly?

The activation sequence is -

1. Give o2 some money. Either by using a top up card that comes with the sim. or put the sim in a phone and put a voucher code in.

2. I live over the road from a shop. and it is activated by the time I get back in doors. I've never had a delay in being able to get online with them.
you can top-up online if you want too
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