How long does it take to get money through Bank transfer??

I was wondering how long does a bank transfer take? I have sent ryouga money for the PSP he was selling me. And today is the seventh day since i sent it and he doesnt seem to have it at moment....

I sent the money thru internet banking last friday.
I rang my bank up on monday and they said it should be with him in 1-2 days...
So basically it should have been with him by Wednesday and the latest Thursday but its friday and seems he doesnt have it.

What should i do cause now i am getting a bit worried....:-(



firstly if you have done the transfer through your own bank there will be an electronic trail of your transfer so no need to worry.

Check with the seller of all the details of his account/sort code just incase its gone to the wrong account!! and check he has not had it today

Phone them today and explain the worry, I had something similar and got a begging letter from an unpaid credit card, the money had gone but the recieving bank sent it back !!!

If after this weekend if no sign of the cash inform the bank again and ask them to look into it and get them to get your cash back .

No point in worrying about it :-D

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i have just finished talking with my bank and they have told me that the money takes 3 working days maximum to arrive so he should have it yesterday.

I am waiting for ryouga to come online as he hasnt been picking the phone up...i am trying to ring him now as i type...

Paypal can take up to 10 days -but i am with Barclays and last time took around 4 days.

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i just hope ryouga comes online and updates me on the situation as he isnt picking up(maybe he's out somewhere)... I have spoke to him on phone before ,he seems like a nice guy but am worrying as why it taking so long to clear...

I am at university so not on all the time lol.

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hehehe sorry... Glad your on now anyway...

Phew thanks God its sorted out now. Hope to get my item by Tuesday.

Well am of to sleep, gotta go gym tomorrow a big workout ahead of me lol
(well i go daily but saturdays i let the lactic acid build alot!!! lol)
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