How long does quidco merchant take to give cashback

    Well, as title -

    I used Betfair if you remember about the £50 quidco free thing. I never received it and uptil now the closest update was "sent to merchant". Their little icon beside their name says that they are "reknowned to reply most quidco enquiries within 1 week". It is more than a fortnight now, any idea how long it takes for a reply?


    uh, it can take months - for a short answer.
    it takes at least a month for the quickest.

    brb not playing gta.

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    added rep for fast reply!

    depends on the merchant, for each of them there are some statistics displayed

    I did car insurance through quidco on instalments and it took 12 months to pay out but I do presume buying in one go would have paid out much sooner.

    There were so many people that submitted enquiries it may be that it'll take much longer to sort through them than the average...

    It really does depend. At the moment I have 4 enquiries running at the same time. 3 have read "sent to merchant" for nearly a month. With virgin bingo however, I made the initial claim at the end of december and it has read "sent to merchant" for about 3months now!!
    On quidco all it says is :

    It is not unusual for earnings enquiries to take more than several months to be resolved (for some merchants and affiliate networks).

    So hopefully you will get it done soon but from my experience it can be a few months and still nothing.
    Good luck
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