How long for a refund from tesco

Found 12th Sep 2007
Not very impressed with tescos :x

Just recieved my order from them, for a pet carrier, and some of the bits are missing :x
Rang them up, to be told to check the boxs, which i already did.

Anyway, another part of my order was missing completely.

So, rang them explained about the pet carrier, was told he'd do a return exhange - which i thought was fair enough.

I queried the missing item, to be told, inbetween the time of me ordering it, and my order being packed, it had gone out of stock, im fuming that it mentioned this nowhere on the reciept - they were happily going to keep my money if i hadnt rang up :x

So, anyway, with regard to the pet carrier, ive been refunded, and the new one will be arriving on friday - which is also annoying, as my order arrived at 12.20 - so i missed the cut off point for redelivery tomorrow.

Loads of faffing about though, he refunded me for the pet carrier, the missing item (which i wont be getting) and delivery charge.
But has had to retake the price of the pet carrier and delivery - shocking really.

You'd think bcos of it all id have got free delivery for the original order due to waste of my time/phone bill!

So, as you can read, im not very happy with tescos :x And am wondering how long it will take for my refund to come through, as ive checked my bank, and theyve happily took the new amount off me already.
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Refunds 2 -3 working days usually to show up back in bank.

I use this site when calling up most companies instead of 0845/0870 numbers,I'm on BT Talk so if I get a regular landline number I'm not paying for the call just my £4.99 I think it is for BT Talk once a mth.
Wasnt on the phone for long, so cant see it have costing that much really

Thanks for the info though

Think this may be the last time i order from tesco direct, as i dont think ive ever had an order go through smoothly.
Late deliveries mainly - one was 2 days late.
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