How long is a personal check valid?

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Found 24th Nov 2008

I have received a couple of UK checks but I am no longer in the UK. How long is a check valid?
I think it is 6 months, but I am not sure (most of the answers I found with Google doesn't state if they are a UK or US answer...).
So I need your help, and any link to a UK answer ;-)

Thanks in advance

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I am 99% sure it's 6 months - definately used to be anyway. Unless it's changed in the last few years. :thumbsup:

I seem to think its 3 months:whistling:

[COLOR="Purple"]Yes - Six months![/COLOR]

Six months - as far as I know.

From what I've read it looks like they are valid for 6 YEARS .. although its at the banks discretion if they cash them after 6 months or not..

Try doing a google on "cheques" rather than "checks" that way you'll get rid of the American "checks"…spx

6 months but as the cheque processing services are semi automated you should find that "out of date" cheques are still processed and presented.

Also Cheques in January say - January 2009 will be accepted with dates of both January 2008 and January 2009. The banks accept that customers may have made an oversight - when writing it that the year has changed.

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Let's go for 6 months then!
Thanks to all of you!
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